Best gambling Anime

Gambling is not the most common theme in anime, but when it does, exciting stories emerge at GamblerKey. One popular anime on the subject is Kakegurui, which focuses on wealthy high-stakes high-stakes high-stakes high-stakes school students. While this hit is one of the best in the genre, there is more to come. There is also One Outs, a psychological thriller about high-stakes baseball, and Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, a series about a man suddenly drawn into the world of underground games. Which of these anime will you add to your watchlist?

On the eve of New Year’s holidays, all major fandom communities take stock of the past twelve months, often with nominations and awards. There is a common tendency among anime fans to choose the best titles of the outgoing year – TV series and feature films, which would be a terrible mistake for every Japanese animation fan to overlook this. We did not stand aside and present to your attention the casual and mediocre, carefully calibrated top ten best anime of the outgoing 2022.

To reduce the level of excitement and make the list more diverse and interesting, we have selected not only the most famous and high-profile novelties, but also those anime, the premieres of which could hide from your sight. Please note that sequels, triquels, and other numbered seasons of franchises launched years earlier are not in the top. This means that you will not see the second seasons of Titans, Heroes, Ovars, Konosuba and Bahamut here. The list also lacks quite worthy names associated with the brand with their predecessors, such as Fate / Apocrypha, Mahoutsukai no Yome, Little Witch Academia and, of course, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. Thus, the rest of the animes we have selected are the first fresh products, the names of which first appeared on your screens this year.

Masamune’s Revenge! – Masamune-kun is not revenge

Our list opens with a story about the protagonist’s strange revenge on one selfish girl. Masamune Makabe was not the most attractive in childhood, then he met Adagaki Aki – a girl from a wealthy family. He immediately liked her, and the hero decided to confess his feelings to her, but was refused, like the nickname “pig” for the extra weight that tormented him all his life. For the West, the story may be original, but for anime it will do.

As the plot develops, other, no less interesting characters appear to the viewer, who have their own oddities: a boy with a ladder and an obsessed yaoi headman – a certain part of the screen time is occupied by the heroine’s fantasies about yaoi, which can become a stumbling block for some viewers. It is important to note the quality of the drawing and the style of the anime: to a greater extent, light colors, pleasing to the eye, prevail.

Just! – Just!

“Just!” – everyday life with a share of romance about five high school students. Despite the fact that there are not very many characters, they are not immediately remembered, and only after watching several episodes, the characters begin to emerge.
A guy named Izumi Eita, while still in high school, moved to another city and returned after just four years. Upon his return, he tries to restore relations with old friends, and here the most interesting thing begins: each event is connected with another by a thin thread that not everyone can trace. Having met with his friend Komiya, he did not expect that the second would begin to feel sympathy for the hero. Confused by the feelings of Natsume, who initially loved Haruto, but later gave up her feelings and chose Izumi. Few people really understood what was going on between Haruto and Morikawa, whether to be together or not.

Despite the extremely complex love polygon, the anime Just Like That! adopted some of the features of a romantic anime – the excessive stupidity of the heroes: at times, feelings overshadow the mind, and the heroes act in a way they shouldn’t. What can we say, this is inherent in all romantic anime.

Welcome to Superiority Class – Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu

The scene represents a school in which all classes are divided according to a certain system, and in which class the student will go to take tests. It resembles a less parody version of the classic Comedy Goofs, Tests, Avatars. Only if there the main character had superpowers that depended on knowledge, then here the main characters walk only on their own knowledge. Eternal composure and monotonous monologues make the hero of “Fruit of Grisaia” passive, which is a little annoying at first. The characters’ past is either poorly disclosed or not disclosed at all. This is why viewers can only guess who Ayanokодji is and what happened to him earlier, why Kushida has a two-faced character, and so on. Despite the plot gaps, with a fanservice in the form of pretty girls, it’s okay here.

Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Perhaps the brightest representative of the everyday genre this year. An unusual fantasy about inhumans living side by side with people – this time, no demons and almost no monster girls. This is also a rethinking of the harem genre, because the main human character here is a woman, which, in fact, gives a platonic character to her relationship with familiar dragons.
The story itself about a man who discovered a terrible or not very secret of the Universe is not new, but it is this story that allows the old motive to shine with new colors.

Kobayashi in this regard is an absurdly typical person and therefore a rare and interesting character for anime, especially for fantasy, doubly especially for comedy, especially for everyday life. Watch as the tireless Tohru grabs her attention, while Kobayashi herself cares for the quiet Kanna, pleases the eyes and brings relief to the heart. The characters look familiar and at the same time in a new way: established archetypes seem to be mixed or even multiplied by ten, giving rise to either explosive emotional hybrids or possessors of an overly exaggerated temperament, or even all at once.